About Aresa

Trade mark ARESA  has a wide assortment of home appliances of different directions.The brand concept was created by a group of Belarusian companies in cooperation with German partners in 2006. The first sales began in 2007. Introducing the leading role in the market, the brand has claimed to pay special attention to quality control, the development of items with unusual stylish design and functions, as well as customers care. ARESA has become a company that successfully brings absolutely new products to the market that can hardly be found among other brands. The company constantly responds to new ideas of its engineers as well as customers and brings them into reality, therefore, there is no doubt that products of ARESA trademark never cease to improve.

ARESA has a stable position in the home appliances market. Currently, the range of products that ARESA offers is rapidly growing, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding customers. ARESA has become one of the recognized leaders in sales of many types of equipment in most countries of Eastern Europe, Russia, the Baltics, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Positive recommendations from retailers, good reviews and opinions of consumers form a high rating of our products, ensure the recognition of the trademark and give proper impetus to further development.

Our products are not just household items. We create intangible values ​​for our customers, ensuring reliability and security, confidence and comfort. We have a special attitude to security and quality issues, therefore, the company in addition to compulsory certification conducts additional voluntary sanitary and hygienic quality tests. Thus, by purchasing household appliances ARESA, a consumer can be sure that our products make his life easier, more comfortableand safer.

ARESA embodies the best experience of advanced Belarusian industrialists and German technologies, and is distinguished by an innovative approach, the application of the latest technological solutions and European quality. The source of the company's success is purposeful, responsible employees, driven by the high idea of ​​brand promotion and paying special attention to the consumer.