There are juicers in almost every home, and those who don’t, have probably thought about buying one. The purpose of this article is to tell you about Aresa juicers and try to help you choose the device you need.

ar 2504

The function of any juicer is to extract juice from fruit, herbs, berries, roots, etc. The extracted juice is placed in a special container and the pulp is separated. According to the method of pulp separation and juice extraction, there can be identified three main types of juicers:

Depending on what kind of juice you want to get, you can choose one of these types.

Citrus juicers

As it is clear from the product name, such juicers are used to make juice from citrus fruit only. Oranges, grapefruits, lemons - this is what you can get juice from using this type of appliance. They look like cone-shaped nozzles with threads. Such juicers are simple and not expensive. Since citrus juice normally oxidizes very quickly (and this destroys vitamins), juice tanks are usually of a small volume (for a couple of glasses).

The model AR-2503 will perfectly suit you. You can also use a food processor. For example the model AR-1703.

Universal (centrifuge type)

The name universal speaks for itself – using such juicers you can get juice not only from apples and pears, but also from berries, vegetables, root crops. The cost of such juicers is higher, but at the same time the device definitely costs its money and buying it is always justified.

There are some important functions in this type that should be taken into consideration before buying:

• foam separator is a special accessory in the juice collection container that separates the foam formed during the processing and released from the fruit;

• function of pulp separation – it means that there is a separate container in the set where the pulp is automatically dumped;

• speed control which allows you to squeeze different vegetables or fruit at different speeds. The higher the speed is, the more pulp will penetrate into the juice, and vice versa, the lower the speed is - the purer the juice which we get.

This model range is represented by the models AR-2501 and AR-2502.

Slow juicer

The slow juicer AR-2504 is a simple but at the same time also ingenious invention. The operating principle repeats meat grinders in some terms. The fruit are crushed by an auger (a plastic shaft with a metal core), which, when rotated, grinds the pulp, then it passes through a fine-mesh sieve. What we get after this process is a large volume of juice with a pulp content, which makes its consistency denser and the taste is bright and saturated.

2504 1In terms of power such juicers are noticeably inferior to centrifugal types (they do not exceed 400 W which does not affect their efficiency in any way), but they help saving energy. Low noise and vibration levels allow you to prepare your favorite juice early in the morning or late in the evening in silence without disturbing the peace of the house.

The materials, which the juicer and its accessories are made of, affect not only the quality of the product, but also the reliability and durability of the appliance itself. Durable metal and plastic are used for producing the body of the model AR-2504.

The juicer AR-2504 also has a "Drip-stop" system. This is a special valve that closes the juice drain hole. This little detail keeps the surface of the juice container clean when replacing it and also allows you to mix different types of juice inside the working compartment of the juicer, and you can easily prepare a fresh juice from several different ingredients.

The juicer AR-2504 works on the principle of cold pressing, which allows the juice to retain more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fiber. Such juices are obtained without foaming, more homogeneous, do not delaminate and can stay fresh for 2 days. In addition, there is a saving of vegetables and fruit due to the maximum extraction of juice (35-50% more in comparison with centrifugal juicers).

2504 engThe juicer AR-2504 has an automatic pulp ejection function, which allows you to collect the juice in one tank and the pulp in another without stopping the process.

The "Reverse" function helps to eliminate blockage in such juicers. In order to get solid particles out of the appliance, you do not need to turn off and disassemble the device, just use the reverse mode and the stuck element will simply come up. You just have to remove it and continue extracting juice.

The device cannot be turned on if it is assembled incorrectly.

Summing up, we can say that the juicer is useful not only for harvesting products for winter period. After buying it, you can make freshly squeezed juice and diversify your daily diet with a healthy drink. And choosing the juicer AR-2504 you get a number of advantages, such as:

• Juice quality

• Versatility

• Low noise level

• Profitability

• Safety

• Ease of cleaning

• Durability