Garment steamer

How to choose a garment steamer? Experts' recommendations.


Garment steamer: ironing, disinfecting, cleaning!

Is it only iron that can smoothen the clothes? No, it isn’t. Garment steamers become more and more popular choice among the customers. Some even claim garment steamers to be the next link in the iron evolution. But let us not be that critical. It’s likely that both irons and garment steamers will exist in parallel, not pushing each other out.Aresa S-351

How does a garment steamer work?

The water enters the steam generator from the reservoir. Then the steam enters the steam iron via steam hose. Even though the steam iron heats up and irons the cloth, the smoothening happens by virtue of a steam blast getting through the cloth and making the fibers smooth by means of thermal action. This process reveals the advantages of a garment steamer. First of all steam gets through the cloth which means that it’s smoothened from both sides. Moreover, the cloths s disinfected in the process, killing the dust mites and bad smells which is important for those prone to allergies.

Using a garment steamer one can do the ironing vertically, even directly from the hanger, which saves time and pains, especially when ironing the curtains. 

What to keep an eye out for when choosing the garment steamer?

The most important indications are of steam pressure and steam rate, expressed in Bar and g/min respectively. These parameters indicate the power of a garment steamer. The higher the power, the better the performance (even with really close cloth). Professional garment steamers, for example ARESA S-351, are fitted with the function of steam output adjustment. 

The power measured in Watt (W) is the indicator of steam consumption of a steam generator. The lower this indicator is, the better (less energy is consumed during the working process). Even if many companies claim that the Watt power is the most important indicator it’s not at all true. Just compare our models ARESA S-151andARESA S-351 and you’ll understand that they are cunning or mistaken. 

Tip to keep in mind: the Bar indicator can exceed the Watt indicator and vice versa.

Water reservoir is another important issue when choosing a garment steamer. Small hand garment steamer with a water reservoir for 200 mg can hardly manage the spot on the coach. Water reservoirs in our models are 1,5 L for a standard line and from 2,3 L to 2,4 L for a professional line, which is enough and to spare.

Don’t forget to check the accessories! The package should include a fold hanger with grips, a pants tensioner, a cap for delicate cloths and a teflon mitten.

It is recommended to check out the service centers list and make sure that the warranty is real.

Tips for using and storing a garment steamer.

If you’re not sure that the water quality is good (scum insists on appearing in the kettle) we recommend you to use the filtered water. In this way you’ll avoid yellow spots on the cloth and make the operating life of the device increase. Clean the scum out of the garment steamer (in guidance of the instruction manual). Use the heat-resisting mitten! This will help you to insure yourself from the accident burns. You can store the device assembled. It’s recommended to drain water (especially during the lasting storage).