Potato peeler AR-1501

Potato peeler AR-1501. It's easy to peel potatoes!

Description and video. 

      Nowadays every modern home is filled with electric appliances. Just imagine – we clean the floor with vacuum cleaner (some people even use it for moist mopping), wash dishes with dishwashing machine, launder with washing machine, cook with multi-cooker or microwave oven, prepare the ingredients for cooking with different food processors. It seems that all of the aspects of our everyday life are connected with a particular home appliance. Still not all of them are.
One of the most exhausting and time-demanding activities in the kitchen is to prepare vegetables for further processing or simply to peel them. It is the most dirty and unpleasing work to do in the kitchen. And undoubtedly the most likely vegetable to be peeled is potato. It is used in so many recipes for both first and second courses, not less the a half of all salads contains this vegetable. Furthermore, no festive table is even possible without potato.
It’s been a while since the first potato peelers were created but all of them were used only in industry or public catering. It’s obvious that those big and clumsy aggregates are impossible to use in everyday life. The dimensions and difficulties in usage are the two main reasons for that.

      The Aresa-techno engineering team developed a brand new device that can automatize that funsie. Home potato peeler pares the potato with exceptional accuracy. The only thing for you to do is to cut the eyeholes out. The device weighs nothing more than 2 kg and is easy to wash thanks to the removable reservoir of impact-resistant plastic.

      Potato peeler ARESA P-01 has all of the benefits of industrial potato peelers and can be used at home. It works on the principle of a centrifuge; potatoes are put on the grater into the container. When the potato peeler is turned on the grater starts to go round and the potatoes are peeled under the influence of force of friction. As the top of the device is made of transparent plastic it’s easy to control the potato peeler and define when the potatoes are peeled. It takes from 1 to 3 minutes to peel 1 kilo of potatoes due to high engine speed.

      The potato peeler won’t gathering dust on the kitchen shelve as opposed to many expensive and not infrequently even needless food processors. This device will definitely help you not to waste time in the kitchen and, which is more, will save your money as there is much more waste if peeling potatoes by hand.

ARESA potato peelers were certificated and hit the markets of Belarus and Russia at the end of May in 2011. We hope that you’ll make use of potato peeler AR-1501 and enjoy cooking with it.

            The video (non-montaged) of the whole peeling process – from loading the potatoes to washing the potato peeler. The potatoes were selected randomly with the most unsightly spots turned against the camera. In order to achieve perfect result and not to peel additionally with a knife the peeling process was increased by 20-40 seconds. It ought to be noted that the duration of the peeling process depends on the potato page – from 30 seconds for new potatoes to 5 minutes for really soft.

P.S. Potatoes and other vegetables and fruits should be medium or low-sized (large tubers should be cut additionally). It is very important not to overload the potato peeler (max weigh is 1 kilo), then the potatoes are peeled well.